How to differentiate between tastes of different whisky brands

There are a number of whisky brands that are available in the market today. You will be spoilt for choice when you go out to pick up a bottle of whisky. But sometimes too much of a choice can lead to a great deal of confusion. If you want to learn about picking up the right whisky then you have to learn a little about the different kinds of whiskies.

Whisky is a big favorite the world over. There would hardly be anybody who hasn’t heard of the term Scotch. In fact single malt scotch whiskies are amongst the most prized in the world of whiskey. You will be surprised to find the plethora of flavors and complexities when you begin exploring the world of premium scotch whiskies.

While there are a few people who easily say that they are not fond of whisky, it can safely be said that these people haven’t discovered their flavor. Whisky comes dressed in many flavors. Be it a heavy smoky flavor or light floral notes, you can be sure that there is a whisky for everybody. It is not necessary for whisky to be Scottish. It can be American, Indian, Japanese or Welsh. But Scottish whisky, Scotch, will be the best there is at all times.

You can find several whisky brands in Scotland. Each of these famous brands such as Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Macallan, Jonnie Walker, Famous Grouse, Talisker etc come from the whisky producing regions of Scotland. It is primarily the region which influences the taste and character of a whiskey.

If you were to go on the whisky trail you will find that there are six main whisky producing regions in the whole of Scotland. Each of these areas have their own individual characteristic and lend the same characteristics to the whiskies made here. The main whisky regions of Scotland are the Highland region, the Lowland region, The Islay region, the Island region, the Speyside and the Campbeltown region.

The Speyside region has the largest number of distilleries in the whole of Scotland. This region also produces some of the most famous whiskies of the world namely the Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Macallan etc to name a few. The whiskies from this area are the sweetest and come in many strengths. This area is often confused with the Highland area solely because of its geographical proximity.

The Highland malts are also very highly prized. The Glenmorangie, Glenturret, Loch Lomond etc are just some of the brands that you can find here. The whiskies found here have a huge variety. You can get peaty whiskies, unpeated whiskies as well as warm and gentle whiskies.

The Island region is home to one of the most well known whisky brands the Talisker. The whiskies found in this location are very influenced by the sea side character of the area and are a little salty in taste. The Islay region produces whiskies which are for a more seasoned palate. The whiskies from this region are heavy, smoky and peaty in taste. With so much of variety on the offering it becomes essential to do some homework and then head out to explore the different whisky brands.